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  Welcome to Miri Crocodile Farm cum Mini Zoo  

The Miri Mini Zoo

Exotic Animals
Taking an adventurous stroll through the farm, you come face to face with some exotic animals such as Southern Cassowary, Phython, Binturong, Sun Bears, Gibbon, Porcupines, a band of cheerful Monkeys, Anak Buaya and the like.

The different species of foreign and domestic animals are kept in spacious cages seperated from the visitors. Visitors are allowed to feed the animals with bananas available at our canteen.

Take a leisure and educational tour around our mini zoo and learn about the animals and their habitat. It will provide an enlightening and awe-inspiring experience for school students, interest-organisations, associations and individuals of all ages.


photo: Phython

photo: Borneon Gibbon

photo: Sambar Deer

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